Broader Impacts in Research (BIR):

Serves as a point of contact at the University of Oklahoma to institutionalize a Broader Impacts culture as well as gain knowledge and get help in developing, implementing, and evaluating high quality Broader Impact programs and portfolios for and beyond Agency and NSF Criterion. NSF Broader Impacts is defined as encompassing the ability to benefit society and contribute to achievement of specific, desired societal outcomes. BIR helps make connections between faculty, researchers, administrators, programs, community partners, other potential stakeholders and resources on and off campus to develop and implement higher quality broader impacts. One of the main questions that BIR asks is what does broader impacts look like on a university, local, regional, global and international scale? BIR also seeks to help make all faculty more impactful through their professional careers by helping faculty work with administrators, students, universities, communities, and many others to develop sustainable infrastructures that allow for societal benefit. For a quick overview of the BIR website click here.