Advance Discovery and Understanding While Promoting Teaching, Training and Learning,

Examples of Activities

  • Integrate research activities into the teaching of science, math and engineering at all educational levels (e.g., K-12, undergraduate science majors, non-science majors, and graduate students).
  • Include students (e.g., K-12, undergraduate science majors, non-science majors, and /or graduate students) as participants in the proposed activities as appropriate.
  • Participate in the recruitment, training, and/or professional development of K-12 science and math teachers.
  • Develop research-based educational materials or contribute to databases useful in teaching (e.g., K-16 digital library).
  • Partner with researchers and educators to develop effective means of incorporating research into learning and education.
  • Encourage student participation at meetings and activities of professional societies.
  • Establish special mentoring programs for high school students, undergraduates, graduate students, and technicians conducting research.
  • Involve graduate and post-doctoral researchers in undergraduate teaching activities.
  • Develop, adopt, adapt or disseminate effective models and pedagogic approaches to science, mathematics and engineering teaching.