BIR Catalogues, Resources, and Literature

BIR Catalogues:

Potential partners can be found in the BIR Catalogues. A list of the current BIR Catelogues are provided in the menu on left of this screen. BIR suggests you pick partners according to how far your broader impacts program will reach. BIR encourages the development of one of the five types of BI programs below:

  1. University BI Program
  2. Local BI Program
  3. State BI Program
  4. National BI Program
  5. International BI Program

Other BI Resources and Literature:

Broader Impacts Text Analysis Workshop:

In the fall of 2013, SP@ISU in collaboration with Dr. Elena Cotos, a linguistics researcher at ISU, hosted a workshop where Dr. Cotos shared her findings and provided tips for writing effective broader impacts statements. Dr. Cotos and SP@ISU developed resources to assist researchers in writing broader impacts statements for NSF proposals. SP@ISU facilitated the collection of 105 funded and unfunded NSF proposals from ISU faculty. Dr. Cotos has used corpus linguistics techniques to analyze the quality of the writing and integration of broader impacts plans within proposals.