BIR NSF 5 Step Plan Development Review Sheet

Step 1: Have you performed an inventory of your BI internal factors below?  Yes or No

  • What are your strengths?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What does your research lend itself to?
  • What is your time, effort, and logistical constraints?


Step 2: Have you performed an inventory of the BI external factors below? Yes or No

  • Who is your audience?
  • What level?
  • What context?
  • What exists already?
  • What is missing?
  • Who are your potential partners?


Step 3: Have you defined your goals? Yes or No

  • Is your BI plan specific?
  • Is your BI plan measurable?
  • Is you BI plan realistic?


Step 4: Have you established BI implementation details? Yes or No

  • What is your BI timeline (with milestones)?
  • What is your BI budget?
  • What is your BI effort, personnel?
  • What is your BI assessment/evaluation to determine your BI success?
  • What will you do to ensure that your BI is sustained past the funding period?


Step 5: Here are several other basic elements for success: Check all that apply.

  • Have you provided sufficient detail (avoid leaving assumptions about the project plan to the reviewers)?
  • Have you integrated your education and research activities to the best degree possible?
  • Have you aligned the project with collaborators/stakeholders/partnered as appropriate?
  • Have you involved your whole lab if possible?
  • Have you include meaningful engagement with underrepresented groups if possible?

Note: Please contact BIR and/or CRPDE if needed.

Revised UC Berkeley Checklist.