Broad Dissemination to Enhance Scientific and Technological Understanding

Examples of Activities

  • Partner with museums, nature centers, science centers, and similar institutions to develop exhibits in science, math, and engineering.
  • Involve the public or industry, where possible, in research and education activities.
  • Give science and engineering presentations to the broader community (e.g., at museums and libraries, on radio shows, and in other such venues.).
  • Make data available in a timely manner by means of databases, digital libraries, or other venues such as CD-ROMs.
  • Publish in diverse media (e.g., non-technical literature, and websites, CD-ROMs, press kits) to reach broad audiences.
  • Present research and education results in formats useful to policy-makers, members of Congress, industry, and broad audiences.
  • Participate in multi- and interdisciplinary conferences, workshops, and research activities.
  • Integrate research with education activities in order to communicate in a broader context.