How to Use the BIR Website!

Preface: The BIR website builds upon and is a culmination of best practices in BI. The BIR website was developed to provide a way for faculty, institutions, centers, organizations, departments, communities, graduate students, and etc., to get information on BI. This is whether one’s new to BI, needs a framework for thinking about BI (i.e. what is and is not BI), needs to develop a BI plan, write BI, implement BI, wants to know what is going on with BI nationally and institutionally, get connected with others for BI, or just needs to get a little more information about a specific BI topic, like policy. To start and get a quick overview of information for/on broader impacts:

  1. All you will need to do is to Click on each of the black bolded words on this page, (each of these black bolded words are headings at the top of this website), Click on the “BI Conceptual Framework”, review this page and the BICF Power Point found at the bottom left hand corner of the page. A detailed diagram version of the BICF and BICF lexicon is also located on this page. Note- all links inside a page will open in a different tab to allow easy access back to the original page without a lot of clicks. if you are specifically interested in NSF and you are already familiar with the criteria, go to number 3 below.

  2. If you are specifically interested in NSF, Click on the “NSF Broader Impacts” to review the NSF review principles and criteria. Go to the bottom left of this page if you need the NSF 15-1 or 16-1 GPG or the NSF GRFP documents. GRFP applicants note on page 10 the addition to the Broader Impacts Criterion.

  3. Next Click on the “Create BI Program”. Read through this page, click and read the NSF Specific BI Power Point on the left hand side of this page (specifically the section entitled “4. Process: Proposal Writing on BI and bia), and then click and read the BI Plan Review Sheet located at the top left of this page.

  4. Next Click on the “Evaluation”. Click and read the “BIR Evaluation Framework”, “Writing a BI Evaluation Plan Information Sheet”, “Evaluation Types and Tools Basics” and "Broader Impacts Guiding Principles and Questions for National Science Foundation Proposals Document". These are located in the top left hand corner of the page.

  5. Next Click here to get the BI Identity Developer.pdf to start developing your BI identity, BI, and BIA.

Contact Dr. Michael Thompson,, for a consultation, other BI resources, or with any question/s you might want to ask.