New Faculty NSF BI Workshop Seminar Series

Welcome to the New Faculty National Science Foundation (NSF) BI Workshop Seminar Series. The Broader Impacts in Research (BIR) organization seeks to help all faculty be more successful and impactful in their professional careers. Given that faculty lead very busy lives and thus have limited time, BIR continuously seeks ways to provide useful information in a way that faculty can access anywhere at anytime. To accomplish this the BIR organization in conjunction with The Oklahoma BI Infrastructure Project has put together and provided four videos and audio broadcasts below in order to provide a good introduction over the NSF BI core competencies for new faculty as well as for those who would like a more detailed overview concerning the NSF BI criterion. The BIR organization suggests that these four broader impacts videos/audiocasts be watched in order.

These Four Part I Overview Videos/Audiocasts (audiocasts will be provided at a later time) cover the following:

  1.  Introduction/overview and what to expect in this workshop seminar series - Elapsed Video/Audio Time is 8:41.
  2. History of and why faculty have still been confused on NSF BI and how is this being addressed - Elapsed Video/Audio Time is 9:24.
  3.  Conceptually understanding BI through the Research and Scholarship of Broader Impacts (SoBI) - Elapsed Video/Audio Time is 11:03.
  4.  Practical applications for developing, choosing, implementing, and writing your NSF broader impacts - Elapsed Video/Audio Time is 30:22.

We have also provided the documents and materials that are covered in each of these videos/audiocasts on the left hand side of this webpage. After these videos are watched please feel free to contact us for more details, questions, and/or comments concerning broader impacts in general, the NSF BI criterion, or for your NSF BI. 


Video/Audiocast (Part i) - Introduction/Overview and What to Expect in this Workshop Seminar Series:


Video/Audiocast (Part ii) - History of and Why Faculty Have Still Been Confused on NSF BI and how is this being addressed:


Video/Audiocast (Part iii) - Conceptually Understanding NSF Through the Research and Scholarship of Broader Impacts (SoBI):


Video/Audiocast (Part iv) - Practical Applications for Developing, Choosing, Implementing, and Writing Your NSF Broader Impacts: