Undergraduate Certificate Committee

Dr. Jill Irvine: Chair

Presidential Professor of Women's and Gender Studies

Co-Director, Center for Social Justice

Co-Editor, Politics and Gender

Email: jill.irvine@ou.edu


Dr. Laku Chidambaram

Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Engagement

W.P. Wood Professor of Management Information Systems

Price College of Buisness

Email: laku@ou.edu


Dr. Rebecca Cruise

Assistant Dean, College of International Studies

Assistant Professor of Department of International and Area Studies

Email: rebeccajcruise@ou.edu


Kari Dawkins

Assistant Director of the Center for Leadership and Volunteerism

Email: kari@ou.edu


Dr. Michele Eodice

Associate Provost for Academic Engagement

Director of the Writing Center

Co-director, The Meaningful Writing Project

Co-editor, The Writing Center Journal

Email: meodice@ou.edu


Dr. David Moxley

Oklahoma Health Care Authority Endowed Professor of Health and Professor of Social Work

Email: david.moxley@ou.edu